Always embarrassed at the weird design

of the tattoo on his arm

found it when he awoke with a hangover

a night out with the lads

only months before but seemed like years

getting nothing but sneers!


Even family shunned him afraid to be near

life was hell with the tattoo

painful constantly throbbing had little sleep

never believed in spirits

yet the face scared him felt very unclean

his actions becoming obscene!


As the long dark cold winter nights began

the tattoo glowed in the void

that urge to kill for blood overcame him

a deep voice directed his actions

the once gentle soul had gone evermore

soon becoming part of folklore!


Stalking the shadows in black hooded cloak

a phantom silent and merciless

never leaving any clues or victims to tell

of their deadly encounter

that expressionless face and knife in his fist

any pleas for mercy dismissed!


Soon society would know the evil was back

for in a new host it was Jack!




Should not have gone back to the scene of the crime

did not see the woman until she hit his car

if only had got a taxi knew his alcohol limit was high

looked around the empty lane and the tree

he hit swerving to avoid that woman in a nightdress

had been honest with the police did confess!


But no body could be found but was sure he saw her

lost conciseness in a coma for weeks

but the nightmare of that moment would not fade

it had been three years since that night

had a breakdown ended up in a mental institution

knew deep inside it had been no allusion!


Had to take medication just to focus filled with guilt

no matter how many times being told

in his mind’s eye saw he hit her body head on

alone staring deeply reliving the incident

there was a clap of thunder and fork lightning

atmosphere around him heightening!


A Memory it had been a thunderstorm that night

now the visibility was getting poor and rain

hitting his skin hurt more flashes then she came

before him on that saturated country road

frantically calling out she did not seem to hear

as rapidly approaching a car did near!


The driver saw the man in front but was too late

a spilt second before he hit a woman to

the vehicle skidded impacting at the same spot

a patrol car came by soon after the crash

indications the weather had caused the collision

been here before viewed it with suspicion!


The driver did survive this horrendous fatal crash

with only minor injuries very lucky

the cold case of the phantom woman reopened

especially when the male victims body

was recovered identification had been resolved

yet the mystery was never solved!


Occasionally during a thunderstorm was reported

a woman and a man were seen on the road

without evidence the report was politely retorted

but an open-minded attitude was bestowed

as it was in the realm of a spiritual understanding

other agencies were better suited to handling!






The Alien Beast!

The young couple had saved for this holiday

to a sparsely populated country.

Arriving safely they settled in the small hotel

their room had a superb view.

Three weeks of bliss from works high tension

they had no intention to mention.


They heard of a local man who had been attacked

by an unidentified creature.

It was not the first event in this isolated area

stories existed of  a monster!

Roaming the mountainsides wooded terrain

covered in mist after frequent rain.


Only farmers with land there would venture in

often finding livestock dead!

Their throats ripped out and drained of blood

superstition and fear ruled here.

Humans had gone missing it had been reported

many experts had been consulted.


Intrigued and fool hardy thinking this a laugh

to venture within on their own.

Not heeding warnings setting off one morning

unsuitably clothed and no guide.

Because everybody was scared of the creature

to them a major feature!


Still they went in search of this phantom beast

from a hot day into the damp mist.

Trekking on not realising they were lost

thinking it was just a tale.

But exhausted they sat as the darkness fell

their scepticism began to swell.


Every sound was heightened a noise they heard

was it footsteps in the trees?

An unusual bark as branches snapped nearby

then a chilling scream!

They hugged each other tight until half-light

as a shadow came into sight!


So quick they couldn’t be certain it was real

but sensed a presence near!

Trying to retrace the  paths they had come

slowly stumbling along.

Certain now hostile forces were close behind

not of any human kind!


Thinking at last they were safe the beast pounced

stopping the man’s progress.

In vain the girl tried to assist but he just vanished

she lay sprawled injured as well.

Luckily two farmers found her there bleeding

like animals on her feeding!


The young man’s remains were never discovered

she came home scarred but alive!

The search for proof of an alien beast goes on

the girl knew the sceptics were wrong!


The Foureyed Poet.

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