The Football

It was just a grubby yellow plastic football

the youngsters found.

Left unwanted in a dried up river bed

near burnt out cars.

In the once thriving peaceful desert town

the war had brought down!


A group of six friends with a lot in common

each orphaned by the fighting.

Known nothing but war since their birth

had found away to be friends.

Needing an outlet they all could share

learning how to care.


When one boy spotted the yellow football

a new hope emerged!

Their chance to have fun and be focused

to give them a purpose.

An incredible joy as they started to play

none could take it away.


Missing from amongst them that tribal mistrust

teenagers had found a spark.

From different backgrounds wanting to mix

defying the old traditions!

Not to fear without hate to kill or mutilate

but make earth a joined state!


Watching them play with that football

should be man’s wake up call!


United we stand alone we fall!


The Foureyed Poet.

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