Is there a malicious unseen agenda

that does not want unity

where humanity would join as one

instead of our destruction

intent on fanning the flames of hate

when people want to debate!


Dividing the masses for the privileged

creating fear and mistrust

taking us away from a righteous path

into the depraved depths

when we know not what is happening

a scenario for many baffling!


Death and chaos is a daily occurrence

the threat of total anarchy

your neighbours and friends the foe

everybody filled with mistrust

as understanding slips into that abyss

hope evermore we shall miss!


Or is the turmoil part of an ongoing plan?


The Foureyed Poet.


No Warning!

There was no warning as he lay

on just an ordinary day.

Late morning no rush to get up

the wife had risen early.

To make breakfast and coffee

relax take it easy.


A loud rumble a husbands shout

and a desperate plea!

Running to the bedroom door

hanging on one hinge.

Now a hole where a bed had been

no floor to be seen!


Family living nearby came running

to an unbelievable scene.

The brother jumping in the sink hole

nothing he could do!

Dismayed at the deep cavern below

then it started to grow!


The ground being so porous nobody knew

when the next could be due!


An ongoing tragedy with no end in sight!


The Foureyed Poet.



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