The Old Guest House!

The old guest house opened in the last century

having its share of tragedy.

A child died when wind blew down the chimney

causing flames from the fire .

Causing the presents she was opening ignite

for the family an awful sight!


At seven a young life lost but it didn’t end there

a depressed woman staying.

Was jilted by the man that she hoped to marry

committing suicide by hanging.

Here where misfortune had embedded in deep

where visitors found it hard to sleep!


Investigators spending time in this creepy building

being constructed of wood.

Picking up shadows and mists on their equipment

whispers and a child’s laugh.

Also the smell of smoke where there was no fire

and cold spots made it dire!


On the infra-red cameras they saw a small image

sounds of footsteps running.

In room nineteen a moving shadow in the corner

that seemed to be swinging!

An overwhelming sense of loneliness perceived

as if somebody had been aggrieved!


The old guest house holds these secrets to this day

bringing the curious and sceptical.

Into it’s web of sadness and forlorn depression

within the fabric of the interior!

Many have experiences others feel nothing at all

in which category would you fall?


The old guest stands in silence awaits the next visitor!


The Foureyd Poet.

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