It was foolish but when you’re young

danger means having fun

the gates to the crypt were locked

a moment of guilt passed

as my entry was solved by a stone

forever would I try to atone!


The rusted gates noisily swung open

it was dark deathly silent

entering the crypt tripping on coffins

was most unpleasant

thinking maybe treasure was in here

should not have drunk the beer!


At the time had no sense of any fear

cold damp nasty odours

the adrenaline rush of an illegal act

with bare hands pushing

stone slabs annoyed at no progress

wanted to get access!


Fumbling in the poor light the flooring

gave way beneath my feet

instantly fell into a lower chamber

filled with putrid bodies

not fully decomposed surrounding me

still no idea how I got free!


Wanting to wretch covered in the slime

staggered out into the air

mortified at what had just happened

saw a grotesque face

and skeletal body in the tomb entrance

felt the instant penitence!


That was before running around certain

it was pursuing me

hatred was so real amongst the graves

even now years on

the presence is real it watches constantly

never more to let me be!


From that time on sounds heard shapes seen

nobody dared go on their own

unless in groups keeping away from the scene

or be scratched and objects thrown!


The Foureyed Poet.





The Sewer!

The council crew were sent to unblock the sewer

just another routine job!

This was what the dispatch operator had said

this turned out to be wrong!

In a rough neighbourhood street they came

everywhere looked the same.


Then as the truck turned around a dark corner

they could see the sewer!

The heavy metal cover had been removed

exposing a deep black hole!

Cautiously they got out to take a closer look

as the ground beneath shook!


Something big slid back down the sewer opening

nobody had  wanted to get out!

Unsure if anything was waiting to attack nearby

it was too quiet and still!

Shinning bright torches nothing was seen

being here nobody was keen.


But the job had to be done the sewer blocked

reluctantly they had to look!

No choice they had to go and investigate

what lurked beneath them?

This was becoming a big issue the fear

as into the hole they did peer!


Cautiously two men descended the metal rungs

their helmet lights on.

They were used to the unpleasant odours

but this smell was different.

Reaching the bottom they moved very slow

bodies were causing the backflow!


Horrified they decided to go quickly back up

panic hampered their exit.

An unseen beast slithered in the rising sludge

there was no chance to escape!

Shouting up to their mate at the top

their deaths he couldn’t stop!


Running towards the parked works van

he never got inside.

Out of the sewer the snake-like thing

it violently caught him!

Dragging him into the putrid pit it went

filled with human excrement!


The radio crackled a voice asked for a reply

but nobody was there to answer!

Dispatch decided to send a second  van

to find out why no reply.

Soon the second vehicle parked by the first

the driver sensing trouble reversed.


The authorities were called the area closed

realising a killer was in the sewer!

Not of human kind but created by mutation

from chemicals flushed away!

This sewer was only the first to be found

how many more underground?


The horror and the slaughter goes on!


The Foureyed Poet.

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