Not used to that touch of a hand on her face

that smile and soft kind eyes

there was no evil glare of intent as they hit

her frail body in terror alone

abused for days without food or any drink

to quench or give her strength

to sustain this innocent young persons fear

for her there was no mercy near!


Managed to escape these captors who cruelly

wrenched her away from friends

while out just walking and so happily chatting

lured by men who seemed kind

who offered to buy them all drink to consume

but the others were suspicious

and got away but she sadly was not fortunate

realising the dangers far too late!


Her parents were frantic at receiving the news

a wide search was implemented

every news outlet carried the abduction story

from days into weeks fear grew

all this time the brave girl never gave up hope

her chance came as they slept

weak yet the adrenaline flowed had to get back

courage and determination did not lack!


Shivering so scared was picked up by a police

patrol unit who had been called

by a worried resident who saw her pass by

their house but had walked on

there on a bench she sat eyes full of tears

the police woman showed that

gentle touch that had been so long denied

sitting closely by her side!


Then the voice she knew so well mum was here

united with love that hug so good

the shaking subsided now safe dad and sister to

together in unity alive and snug

never wanting to ever let any of them out of sight

as her arms gripped them so tight!







On Edge!

Strange atmosphere as society on itself encloses

everybody is on edge in society

trust between people is lacking aggression grows

so many acts of terrorism

only days between incidents has got them scared

for this onslaught not prepared!


What has changed so dramatically this last year

the poor left reeling perplexed

who is the real enemy hiding within the shadows

ready to harm the innocent bystander

without mercy or conscience

every media outlets twenty four seven repeating

information our sanity beating!


What is real anymore as people turn against friends

family suspicious of each other

violence on the streets is growing society unsettled

basic rights are failing for many

what will happen next nobody seems to understand

is  the third world war at hand?









Upon those streets the blood did run

children playing having fun.

The soldiers came cold and callous

their hearts filled with malice.

Nobody was immune no mercy shown

seeds of hatred were  sown!


That day was but another in their fight

to see the next morning light.

Food a luxury all amenities destroyed

with their lives the army toyed!

Oppression and misery all they knew

surely a reason they were due!


The bombs rained down on the meek

their bodies increasingly weak.

Resistance grew the houses crumbled

and the ground rumbled.

Their faith through adversity not shaken

though many loved ones taken!


This  scenario has forever been repeated

their spirits can never be defeated.

Nothing changes in the history of mankind

always the aggressors and maligned!

Centuries have passed the coffins filled

forever the innocent killed!


The Foureyed Poet.


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