For some years now the group had investigated

many reported haunted sites

on which every member the findings did debate

the many frightening nights

when sceptic and believer too often disagreed

as the investigation did proceed!


This philosophy worked well a mutual respect

until they visited the hospital

that had been abandoned its history suspect

with rumours and tittle-tattle

sounds and sightings of  dead patients seen

or the staff  it could have been!


This intrigued the groups sense of adventure

and determination to seek facts

with boldness and determination did enter

in the hope of making contact

with members of the local paranormal team

who knew the haunting was extreme!


First a walk around to known places of activity

static cameras with night vision

put in areas of  known sightings and negativity

making each move a joint decision

but even on this prelim voices were picked up

creating flutters in their gut!


Every piece of equipment was primed and ready

as the small group proceeded

lights were now turned off had to take it steady

and rules of engagement heeded

torches to guide them to the areas of interest

this night each it would test!


In the resuscitation room cries of pain are heard

picked up on the voice recorder

screams of a male asking for help clear each word

this nearly created disorder

one female says she has been touched on her face

shaken went back to the base!


Passing by the theatres a child’s laugh is so clear

everybody heard this faint sound

followed by an aggressive growl so very near

each suddenly turned around

slowly the few walked towards the trauma ward

an eerie place to be explored.


Reported in here coldness and shadows moving

even the double doors creaked

cautiously entering the mood was not improving

as a loud tap made a girl shriek

in the cameras viewfinder a human shape seen

also on the thermal image screen!


Then a deep rasping voice shouted clearly get out

the words confirmed on playback

a shadow darted around them in anger no doubt

another group member felt a whack

almost ending on the debris covered ward floor

they could not take any more!


Gathering outside by their van in the forecourt

the dawn was beginning  to break

every member shaken at what they had caught

though a long night were wide awake

the equipment still inside they had to retrieve

even the sceptics had to believe!


But there would be a lot more surprises in store

reviewing the footage taken

galvanizing them all into coming back for more

the investigation each had shaken

two hours later left to evaluate and contemplate

and their next actions to debate!


The Foureyed Poet











Haunting Investigation

Approaching the prison the weather changed

no longer sunny.

Dark clouds and penetrating drizzle fell

as they arrived on site.

The team had come to do an investigation

standing with hesitation!


They had been here before but it seemed different

an undercurrent this was new!

An invisible barrier none wanted to go through

a veil of hate!

Something none of them had noticed before

walking onto the granite floor.


A smaller group this time only six could come

what had changed here?

Sounds echoed close by a temperature drop

movement seemed all around!

They set up cameras with night vision mode

from a corner a bright dot showed!


Watching mesmerized it began to grow bigger

moving towards them!

One group member felt pain in their stomach

collapsing on the floor.

The light just went out as each closely observed

not a sound was heard!


They were all sitting in the upper cell block

just after one in the morning!

When from inside a cell a voice began to call

there a figure stood!

One turned and saw it each followed the stare

now each was aware!


That night none were brave and ran out together

a deep voice bellowed.

Making them scream shout and swear in unison

now the investigation team.

Stood outside nobody would re-enter the jail

in torch-light each very pale!


After awhile one plucked up the courage to go back

and retrieve the equipment.

Entering cautiously nothing seemed wrong

grabbed the cameras and got out!

On reviewing there were no images on the footage

though a voice full of rage!


The group knew they would have to come back!


The Foureyed Poet.

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