Upon Us!

The suns light beams down upon us

giving life to those below

as they toiled on the parched ground

temperatures souring higher

seasons hard to define as cold and wet

overcome once tropical areas

now natures struggling to find a balance

motion of life could not advance!


Unclean air quality adds to human misery

contaminated by harmful elements

that cannot be seen or felt as its absorbed

life becoming more fragile

feelings are out of control under the sun

disasters mount people displaced

the routine of living completely falls apart

kindness is gone exposing a cold heart!


Into The Wilderness we go forth!




The Body!

The ambulance attended  an emergency call

it was said a man had been found!

On the side of a main road a hit and run

he was found to be badly hurt!

A blues and twos to a casualty department

intubated with no name for consent!


On arrival into the resuscitation unit at speed

but he could not be saved!

Nobody noticed then the ripped off sleeve

the large gash on his left arm!

Where the flesh had been savagely torn away

bone could be seen on display!


The body was covered waiting to be transported

down to the hospital mortuary!

Not a soul saw him slowly move beneath the sheet

being  always a popular destination.

The body for now in this busy place forgotten

rising like Lazarus just turning rotten!


Not a pretty sight for any of them to behold

this was a zombie dead and cold!

Who was about to cause such total mayhem

this foul curse would soon spread!

He had been bitten by a new type of creature

formed for nature’s revenge feature!


Damaged for so long by man’s disrespect

of our living planet earth.

It found a way that would make them pay

yet not destroy the structure!

A terrible way for humans complete demise

though some may live again to rise!


The screams started the cull had begun!


The Foureyed Poet.

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