The Hotel

It was very late and the businessman had to rest

a hotel came into sight.

Good he thought pulling into the empty car park

taking his overnight bag.

Walking the short way to reception he entered in

a man stood with a grin!


For some inexplicable reason it made him wary

signing in taking the key.

An odd place he decided with nobody else about

but tired just wanted to rest.

The room was clean laying down was soon asleep

for him the slumber was deep!


Something aroused him opening his weary eyes

a figure stood at the end of the bed.

Staring dressed in a military type of uniform

sitting up it had gone!

The room to him had become so very cold

tired back on his side he rolled.


A few hours later again awoke felt a sharp prod

then pushed onto the floor!

Standing up nothing could be seen in the room

but his face was very sore.

In the mirror saw deep scratches on his cheek

had to get out safety to seek!


Had to take the stairs he ran not glancing back

quickly in his car he sped off!

The following day he had a clients meeting

mentioning his nightmare stay!

They looked perplexed at what had occurred

of this place they’d never heard!


Puzzled at the comment he had to make sure

it was hard retracing his steps.

But at last was certain this was the route taken

yet he could only see open fields!

No indication anything had ever been built there

it was real on a bible he’d swear!


He knew it could not be left there needing an answer!


The Foureyed Poet.

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