Goodness Within!

It is said that in each and every person

there is goodness inside

this to me is just impossible to believe

as some are evil

no hint of there being anything within

just filled with a lot of sin!


It is said that we show mercy to others

this I have often not seen

cruelty and torture always in the news

misery suffering everywhere

certainly no hint of any mercy there

many humans do not care!


It is said we have love and understanding

willing to give to others

all I see is selfish self-centred humans

interested only in themselves

caring only for money no matter the cost

many good people are lost!


It is said there are genuine people about

no doubt this is true

willing to give everything wanting to help

not out to use others

those with that goodness we must treasure

their worth we cannot measure!


Far too much about the bad not of those good

who do not hide behind mask or hood!


The Foureyed Poet.

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