Mayan Prophecies 2012

Could there be any truth in the prophecies

that the Mayans had written?

Over five thousand years ago about 2012

foretelling a spiritual awakening!

And the possibility of the end of mankind

is it fiction that’s outlined?


Prophecies written have come and long gone

scholars say they’ve happened.

Were these disasters predicted as it was told

or how they were interpreted

Whether vague and their meanings calculated

their accuracy debated!


Many are sceptical of those who say they foresee

from past times to the present.

Though a lot of predictions of the natural type

what of mankind’s folly?

If there’s  a way that the future can be seen

to know seems obscene!


Usually nothing can be done to prevent it

causing fear and uncertainty.

Prophecies of the past make no difference

those of the future no comfort!

Whether the Mayans is true it’s a short wait

if not next year let’s debate!


The Foureyed Poet.

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