Shouting from within the house was disturbing

terrified screams permeated

the neighbours had been use to frequent rows

but even they were shaken

the police were called but never came for hours

the next day people laid flowers!


When the house was entered there were bodies

a massacre the description

yet though eight were found spread in rooms

certain the killer was not there

known for their family feud it seemed overkill

a dread in the community did instill!


The house lay empty nobody wanted to go near

there was a dark  atmosphere

from a fun street it became somber and quiet

nobody had been caught

who could do such a thing to in this household

it seemed a mystery untold!


During the next year several bodies were found

in random spots in the same area

as those in the house mutilated the same way

all related to the house owners

yet no clues to give any identity to the culprit

no scenarios would fit!


Theories abounded gang related or a grudge

passing down the many years

they were from a country vampires lived

cursed for long gone wrongs

had caused some ancient beings to hate

so the generations had to eliminate!


Wild stories circulated some were simply fantasy

then as the shocking case

had started one night it all came to a chilling end

a body in a ritual type pose

found near to the street in bushes on wasteland

with a bloody axe in its hand!


For some reason not explained by the authorities

declared it was the wanted assassin

so there was nothing to fear anymore now safe

file closed no evidence disclosed

that cloud of suspicion would never go away

something nasty was at play!


That house where it all began stayed empty

many thought it haunted

slowly decaying over time others reported

shadowy beings following

wandering around the area few dared go

for animals was a no-show!


There is a house in a street it could be near you!


The Foureyed Poet.





The Cinema Gunman!

Excitement filled the cinema waiting for it to start

with anticipation amongst the fans.

As the cape crusaders new adventure began

nobody expected what was to come!

They settled in to see the spectacular action

then came a violent interaction!


Joy turned to terror as in seconds he fired

randomly with an automatic gun

A man gave no mercy to those in the dark

red hair dressed in black!

Not caring whose life spark was taken away

no compassion on display!


Another mass murderer there was created

at least twelve slaughtered!

Many more badly wounded caused by one

a lone young gunman!

Another massacre to analyse how it could be

evidence the authorities didn’t see!


Then you realise how easy it could happen again

a possible scenario of death.

Loners who are not all psychotic beings

but clever devious individuals!

That for a cause a grudge or even sick pleasure

they have no decency or measure!


May I send my deepest sympathy to all the families

those lost should be remembered not the killer!


The Foureyed Poet.

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