Peace And Goodwill!

Bright flashing Christmas lights are everywhere you turn

families enjoying the ever-increasing expensive fare

the time when Peace and Goodwill should be around

prices rising yet expectations by excited children high

to what they want to receive from old Santa Clause

do the youngsters appreciate just how lucky they are

when once modest presents were given and enjoyed

now expensive gifts are demanded simplicity is void!


Unbelievable still today another side to the season

many without anywhere to live or money to spend

struggling to survive facing cold and no prospects

each with a different reason for their state of living

desperately lonely a society not keen on giving

where many rely on benefits and charities for hope

especially at Christmas when compassion is sort

adding mercy love and a genuine kind thought!


That season is here prices higher than ever before

the affluent have no real care for those floundering

not for them food banks their only way to eat

nor fearing the court bailiffs banging on their door

is it not a myth the season of Peace and Goodwill

as death and destruction of humanity is in overkill!!







Admitting that life can be lonely living alone

after it must be over thirty years

on reflection maybe it was always my destiny

one regret never found a soul mate

to share thoughts interests and have a laugh

independent is fine but would be nice

to find somebody to ring visit or have some fun

now feel my timeline has overrun!


How the years have flown by and the body ages

for some the dawn of a new beginning

being so busy never have a moment to be alone

yes have children this is certainly true

but they do not need old dad hanging around

having their own lives to see through

nice to have a special friend honest and true!


In a society that has lost that closeness and unity

many dread their forced isolation

with social health no longer an affordable priority

the elderly feel they are a burden

admit this has started to be a concern in my mind

eventually to the inevitable resigned!






His senses and vision were even better

even though he had aged

estimated three hundred earth years

since his craft had crashed

on this planet had to blend in or die

with a savage culture comply!


Near a mountain top in undergrowth

overtime had hidden his craft

such a long lonely existence he found

females but they withered

as he waited to contact his own race

from a distant planet in space!


Few visitors came to see him here

he was treated with suspicion

though he mastered their language

he felt no real bond with them

lived like a loner until he had urges

he was male with sexual surges!


Observing knew they were violent

a breed who he did not trust

now weary as they had advanced

rapidly with their technology

over such a short evolution span

since his exile still no plan!


His crafts equipment mostly destroyed

fears he could be detected

muted by the hope to find the means

of sending a signal home

a reluctant witness of man’s carnage

and unrelenting rage!


Now into the sixties watched landings

upon the earth’s only moon

it gave him the determination to try

cautiously gathered items

to make a transmitter to emit a signal

how long would be his vidual?


Unaware that he had drawn attention

the country’s secret service

had started watching his every move

he continued with excitement

using any viable components he found

hoping to hear a friendly sound!


Deep in thought and a finding meaning

to a long unwanted existence

turned on the newly constructed beacon

cried out with joy as it worked

he could only wait now in hope of success

had to leave this planet

but closing in was a military raiding team

would they shatter his dream?


The evening was approaching wet so cold

he could feel within himself

danger was coming knowing the sounds

around after such a long term

staring at the lit screen willing for a reply

here did not want to die!


His cabin was surrounded by armed men

also at that moment it happened

a beep blared from his crude made device

green flashing light and indicator

a faint sound also told him it was his race

his signal they were able to trace!


Heard the faint footsteps of somebody close

escaped through a tunnel

as the cabin was raided he headed away

with no intention to be caught

after living without detection for this long

could not let anything go wrong!


Reaching his ship set the self-destruction

peering into the skies could see

a speeding object heading to his location

this was the rescue ship

to take him home then hovered overhead

a beam shone his clothes shed!


Instantly elevated into the circular disk

and then the craft was gone

soldiers were upon the scene aimlessly

firing rapidly into vacant air

a huge explosion and fireball detonated

the area and men obliterated!


The alien was at last back with his own race

homeward in the vacuum of space!


The Foureyed Poet.






The Passing of Time!

The lonely sit in their own space

within a silent bubble

the passing of time is very slow

in a trance of thought

they ignore the voices all around

inner peace is found.


Moments arrive when being alone

weighs heavy on them

but realise it has been cultivated

and is a preference

as  they feel  exposed in a crowd

everything is too loud!


Basically shy putting on an act

selfish rather than rude

spend their lives existing alone

creative in a chosen art

not needing others to trespass

social events take a pass!


Some it is a way they like  living

others very  hard to bear

craving any company  to share

fear of  being all alone

unable to face an empty space

this they cannot embrace.


The few life becomes too hard

their only salvation

is to end a troubled existence

creating an awful blow

questions of guilt or surprise

remorse and tearful cries!


The Foureyed Poet.



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On his way to meet friends at a hotel

set in a valley amongst trees

the journey took him on lonely roads

untouched and unspoilt

elements of magic and ancient legends

around the dips and bends!


Now dusk wished he was not on his own

eyes tiring in the gloom

hindered by a thickening mist in the valley

the radio crackled annoyingly

ahead saw somebody walking in the road

at a good pace they strode!


Approaching seemed to walk into his path

yet no sound of impact felt

even driving slow could not avoid a collision

coming to an emergency stop

concerned had to reverse back to be sure

frantically had to explore!


Hesitantly got out into the swirling moist mist

glad he brought the torch

searched in a frenzied manner a long stretch

of  road and grass verge

nothing was there no body of man or beast

then all rationality ceased!


Petrified to be there what had he really seen

heard a noise what was around

quickly got in the car accelerating forward

not caring visibility was poor

until his speed made him swerve just missing

the car a tree nearly kissing!


Inches from its base halted spooked drove on

the faint lights of the hotel

came into a weary man’s gaze a relieved sigh

the entrance was approaching

parking headed to meet the others inside

fearful with them had to confide!


Certain the encounter was real not a memory

maybe a prowling spectre

though an unknown element was with him

had a perception it had come

his skin began to crawl feeling sick and cold

for them all the horror would unfold!


The mist thickened around the hotel as they came!


The Foureyed Poet.


The couple sat kissing at the table

you see the attraction

Small chat and  continues touching

happy to be watched.

Whether a relationship just started

established no way parted.


In a culture of more physical contact

a tendency for lust.

Love by word not in their thoughts

the pressures exerted.

Where long term and genuine care

for many just is not there!


For those without any relationships

it may not be pleasing to see.

As in the street or other public spaces

affection is openly shown.

Not serious may often just be for fun

the heart not be won.


How many lonely people watch in envy

wishing for companionship.


The Foureyed Poet.

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Months Apart!

It had been very lonely those months apart

that empty space in his heart.

Their relationship and passion on hold

as bad news began to unfold

An uprising in their country had occurred

for day’s there was no word!


Desperately worried to know if she was well

away on business for a short spell.

Only two hours from where they were based

what a nightmare he now faced.

Finding his composure was hard to retain

had to get home on the train.


Soldiers everywhere dangerous being there

not alone the trauma to share.

Every one pushing to board the few coaches

as gun fire rapidly approaches.

Panic setting in terror as the crowds surged

children crying could be heard!


His journey was fraught and his manner tense

the military barrage immense!

Never had he seen so many crushed together

nearing the end of his tether.

The slow-moving train shook with each bang

had his phone just rang?


This trip took forever the hours nearly ten

he’d find his wife but when?

Eventually it stopped he struggled to get out

positive without doubt.

On the platform soldiers herded the crowd

trying hard not to curse aloud.


Through familiar neighbourhoods made his way

to a spot if lost would stay.

Their one secret rendezvous only they knew

his anxiety now grew.

Approaching he was relieved to see her there

such emotions they did share!


Embracing passionately despite the violence

love to them conquered all!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Often Unseen

Often unseen the many forgotten people

in any inhabited places.

Lonely struggling to live on low pay

to proud to ask for support.

Not only the elderly are in the shade

emotions not displayed.


Many living in homes without any heating

eating little with no contact.

Confined to one room all they own in a bag

nobody comes to call.

Some work long hours on the minimum wage

but are not filled with rage.


Not demanding nor expecting any support

or trying to fleece the state.

Genuine lonely and truly independent souls

who deserve more respect.

Giving the kindness most of won’t ever receive

a rare gift in humility they believe.


Vulnerable as they still think in the old values

of  honesty and respect!

Making them ideal targets for those to hound

intent on taking their last pound!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Really Lonely

When you don’t even admit to yourself

your really lonely.

Telling others you’re an independent soul

inside wanting friendship.

Outwardly trying to show confidence

this is your defence.


Every day becomes a tedious repetition

as you can get isolated.

Meeting few people who actually speak

as the cycle goes on.

Love and any contact is only in your mind

a relationship you’ll never find!


There are those who’ve never been married

or had close friendships.

Who have never known that wanted feeling

which you do so miss.

Somebody at home company when out

that’s what your life was about!


Too many hours to self analyse yourself

you observe others around.

But in the end you’ve become invisible

blending into the surroundings.

Hoping somebody will hear you calling

before you start falling!


It’s good be independent and stand on your own

but it can be hard being alone!


The Foureyed Poet.

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For Eternity!

That day will stay in my mind for eternity

the moment I sat in that shaded garden

my fete was sealed but then had no idea

lost in my own lonely and dejected mood

at first never saw her there watching me

then a soft hand slowly touched my knee!


Certainly aroused my suppressed passion

my girlfriend had finished our relationship

like an angel sent to rescue my aching heart

so beautiful it was an amazing stroke of luck

was my first reaction that perfume so strong

not realising the whole scene was wrong!


Darkness was now upon the once warm spot

suddenly felt pain on the left side of my neck

sensing her weight on me becoming so weak

moments before losing any consciousness

this monstrous yet intoxicating young female

drank my blood she looked cold and pale!


Come she said in a  mesmerizing voice so quietly

with no will had to go as she helped me up

so strong she carried my limp body to her car

captivated and trapped by this creature now

unable to resist her had uncontrollable desires

had I become one of these fiendish vampires?


That was ninety years ago how time has passed

everybody I had known were now just dust

yet looking exactly the same as that distant day

the vampire that turned me sleeps by my side

we have become close and wait for the dark

to return to our favourite spot in the same park!



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