The Operation!

Jenny was very anxious on that Thursday

her operation was due.

Though was told it was a routine procedure

it didn’t ease the nerves.

Her husband sat by her side as they waited

every second here she hated!


The wait ended as a nurse and porter arrived

to take her to theatre.

She was anaesthetised falling into a deep sleep

and prepared for surgery.

As the surgeons proceeded worries were eased

with their progress pleased.


But halfway through inexplicably it went wrong

alarms indicating problems.

Calmness turned from concern to urgent action

she went into cardiac arrest!

As the team fought to start her young heart again

expressions showed the strain!


The turmoil continued to save her from early death

awake found herself rising.

Feeling she was  floating out-of-body looking down

seeing doctors fighting below.

Heard them talking yet could not tell she was well

their worries to expel!


Jenny now feeling warm calm and extremely happy

as like a spy camera gazed.

Hoping that euphoric sensation would never end

as defibrillator paddles applied!

Her body shuddered back in her body once more

in pain and so sore!


At that precise  moment her heart had started to beat

and they aborted the operation.

But thankful they had brought Jenny back to life

and listened later in disbelief!

As she related in detail what she had seen and heard

scientifically hard to believe a word!


In truth there are so many unexplained accounts

that make you wonder is there life after death!


The Foureyed Post.


Life After Death?

Even at my mature years still cannot decide

can there really be life after death or not

many have told me their most strange tales

relatives friends or others had recalled

scientist believe it’s just a chemical reaction

making them conclude not a spiritual transaction!


Another incredible phenomena do not conceive

how people survive when they should not

like the teenage girl found unharmed

after a plane crash clinging to the wreckage

a man surviving after stab wounds to the heart

a lad getting out a crushed car non meant to depart!


Reluctantly must consider there is a possibility

our lives may not end at its designated span

surely still speculation as there is no real proof

but more are convinced and put their trust

in the hands of mediums or those out to fool

can there actually be a real connecting tool?


Too many charlatans have earned big money

that has spread onto our media screens

classed as entertainment but people believe

creating false hopes blurring the real truth

an after life is what many want and crave

not just darkness then rotting in a grave!


Massive questions linger about an afterlife

where is that hundred percent proof

truly many do want to believe there is more

but being a sceptic it is hard to perceive

ghostly sightings are often widely reported

but the ultimate proof is always thwarted!


Will that final piece be revealed in this puzzle?


The Foureyed Poet.



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