A Farce!

There was so much happening it became frightening

life was never easy but we coped

money tight bills always a headache to regularly pay

there were never ending hostilities

the news became much less uplifting stories bleak

in twenty seventeen got to a peak!


Reportedly down to terrorists or an unknown cause

bombs knives and gun attacks

even vehicles used to maim and kill a major fire to

the people becoming fraught

confused and out of control people became divided

less support to the masses provided!


Like an open sore the rich became a source of anger

as they could afford anything

owning large properties as the rest were priced out

jobs were going as robotics

replaced them in the work place and food sparse

an equal society was truly a farce!


The once rare sight of armed police became normal

soldiers to increased unabated

restricted access to the internet and social media

the news on television and radio

words became more phony as the same news shared

for a real nineteen eighty-four were prepared!


From the light mankind was plunged into the dark matrix!






A Quiet Day!

A quiet day or so he had thought

leaving his regular place of work

no warning gun fire life caught

strangers in shadows did lurk

felt happy as he walked that way

bang a pain on the ground he lay!


Nothing now can be ever done again

the gun cultures taken another soul

an increasing number that are slain

a society with an increasing death toll

where gangs control our way of living

humans without mercy nor forgiving!


Knives as well have taken futures away

people afraid to speak safety in doubt

emotions hidden becoming but a cliché

their families in danger if thugs find out

a vicious cycle for them to be living in

the barrier of protection is now so thin!


War on the streets is no longer a myth!






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