Fair maiden

Fair maiden walking by my side

together we chatter I cannot hide

our feelings of love my miss Jane

from blushing it is hard to refrain

sunny strolling on a path of stone

the two of us are happy alone.


Cherished hours united we share

the time is short both are aware

soon I must return to the war

a chance I may return no more

my king and country I am loyal

to protect our liberty and our soil.


Fair maiden here with you I pray

to be back for our wedding day

if this is not truly meant to be

my love this day remember me

not in a mud filled putrid trench

with comrades and human stench!


Never forget those  lives cut short

freedom for all is why we fought!


The Foureyed Poet.



How had he found himself in this dungeon

a knight thrown in here.

Sent by his king on his first secret mission.

true he was dressed as a peasant.

Harshly he’d been treated a new experience

but not regretting being sent.


This awful place never inside one before

an eye opener for him.

Here he couldn’t stay had to escape

report back to the king.

Noticed a sharp piece of wood at hand

shouting out a demand!


The jailer angrily came to the cell door

he banged on the grill!

In a temper the snarling man entered

within seconds he was dead!

Silently falling on to the dank stone

the knight left alone!


Few humans scurried about in passageways

of the castles lower depths.

Coming upon a sentry post a guard stood

soon his life had expired.

Putting on the uniform he was going home

with a sword he would roam!


Very lax security the knight slowly walked

into the alien countryside.

Luckily not challenged he saw a lone soldier

getting off of his horse.

Never feeling the blow now homeward bound

with the information found!


Indeed the Barron was a traitor to his king

the knight an army would bring!


The Foureyed Poet.

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