Admitting that life can be lonely living alone

after it must be over thirty years

on reflection maybe it was always my destiny

one regret never found a soul mate

to share thoughts interests and have a laugh

independent is fine but would be nice

to find somebody to ring visit or have some fun

now feel my timeline has overrun!


How the years have flown by and the body ages

for some the dawn of a new beginning

being so busy never have a moment to be alone

yes have children this is certainly true

but they do not need old dad hanging around

having their own lives to see through

nice to have a special friend honest and true!


In a society that has lost that closeness and unity

many dread their forced isolation

with social health no longer an affordable priority

the elderly feel they are a burden

admit this has started to be a concern in my mind

eventually to the inevitable resigned!





Become A Loner

The man alone in a busy restaurant

people talked around him.

Somehow he had become a loner

to him nobody spoke.

He never spoke to those nearby

losing the will to try.


The man alone not always like this

he’d been married twice.

Blessed with children and socialized

yet lacked something.

Nobody accepted him as a real friend

was it a chemical blend?


The man alone began to feel depressed

watching others socialize.

What future his past didn’t cheer him up

questioning his purpose.

Isolation was becoming his main issue

the future not even he knew!


The Foureyed Poet.

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