Never being on time getting up ever later

the excuse today to cold

eventually his partner placed cold feet

on his back he soon got up

realising it was later now he had to rush

leaving the house in a hush.


Forgot to put the car in the large garage

was covered in a thick frost

swearing under his breath it was his fault

now he was definitely late

turning the ignition key it would not start

then an explosion blew it apart!


From her slumber the wife abruptly roused

into a nightmare of reality

glass flying across the large front bedroom

their two children crying

not understanding what caused the havoc

sadly there was no turning back!


Struggling to stand her feet cut and bleeding

glanced out acrid smoke rose

she saw the flames and burning wrecked car

but had to be with the children

holding back the tears she knew he was dead

glanced at the double bed!


In their room the children cowered bewildered

running up to their mother

almost knocking her to the ground gripping tight

there they stayed for some time

then the expected knock on the door she knew

for Josh nothing could they do!


Her husband had been a soldier only a year before

the army and civilian police

were investigating who could have been involved

but their lives had to continue

they could not stay in that house not safe any more

the memories forever raw!


The Foureyed Poet







A Stunned Hush!

A stunned hush took their voices away

another tragedy reported.

Children and teachers in a school killed

what can anybody say?

As more innocent lives have been taken

the police were not mistaken!


Why do these tragedies have to happen

the young have done no wrong.

Watching traumatized kids holding hands

evacuated from the scene.

Parents stunned and wanting to know why

listening to the kids cry!


Another chapter in the book of shocking events

unfolding in front of the world.

Nothing can be said to ease the anger and pain

we can never understand.

Together may the families stand together in unity

spiritually strong in their community.


Never can we understand the acts of mankind

together I hope peace they’ll find.


May I send my sincere thoughts.


The Foureyed Poet.

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