The journey was nearly at an end

soon be home in the hills

away from the crowded township

such a familiar road

knew each camber and sharp turn

so had no worries or concern!


What he did not want was the rain

this was a big hazard

but the route was clear up ahead

contacted his wife

from his drive was minutes away

glad it was a Friday!


Began slowing down at the sharp bend

behind a shape with red eyes

that averted his thoughts momentary

into the warning sign at speed

down a steep wooded slope into a tree

just the air bag could he see!


Could not move nor able to comprehend

how this had transpired

began vomiting now in pain and fearful

certain there was a noise

a large shape came close by his window

his demise was very slow!


A frantic wife had reported him missing

hours later was discovered

also unusual scratches and foot prints

had the rescue team perplexed

marks consistent with a large creature

on no tourist guide did this feature!


Legends spoke of a bigfoot in the forest

hunters had reported seeing it

was this proof maybe it really existed

from then on the search persisted!





Fiery Ball!

The farmer was out in the fields working early

when he saw a fiery ball

skimming across the sky changing direction

at an incredible speed

as if being piloted with his awe-inspiring view

watching how it flew!


Next the fiery ball began to decrease speed

certain it would hit the ground

rapidly approaching the hills not far away

running towards the spot

waiting for the explosion and flames to rise

silence why he could not surmise!


Feeling scared this was not a natural event

but curiosity drove him on

surely it had not landed without crashing

reaching the crest of the hill

then four helicopters arrived on the scene

with no markings they looked mean!


Rapidly followed by several army vehicles

stopping near the fiery ball

soldiers with no insignia fanning outward

making it the farmer surmised

a secure site this proved right noticing him

walking his way looking grim!


Firmly informing him it was a restricted area

guns ready in their gripping hands

decided to retreat annoyed he could not see

what the mysterious object maybe

being watched to be certain he had departed

had to finish what he started!


As soon the soldiers turned back he found a bush

to hide not far from the grassy slope

and waited hoping to see more when they left

the helicopters then flew off

several hours passed before their noisy return

he would be missed was his concern!


Half an hour went by before the copters departed

slowly and stealthily broke cover

retracing his footsteps as he reached the summit

was surprised to see fiery ball gone

just glimpsed a truck with a tarpaulin covering

a large sphere he was left wondering!


What phenomena had he witnessed in the hills

and why did the military unit

without any identifications respond so quickly

and whisk it away in secrecy

eventually he got home the wife was worried

telling the truth could not be hurried!


So many questions with no answers was hard to accept!


The Foureyed Poet.





My recollection of that unbelievable incident

on the site of an earth fort.

Deep in the English countryside an event

from then an answer I sought.

Climbing away from the cities and towns

coming gently onto the downs.


Fresh and silent a shimmering haze on the hills

your lungs fill with clean air.

Nobody else was around as dusk approached

walking in space without time.

Beginning to feel light-headed  and chilled

an energy was distilled!


A sensation of floating a vision began to shape

soldiers on horseback and on foot!

Glittering army and flowing deep red long capes

within touching distance.

Romans silently moving in glorious formation

heading to a long passed destination!


As quickly as they had appeared to me gone

back into the past!

Not afraid it was like being in a realistic dream

awaking with a satisfied smile.

Leaving me with an incredible new belief

no need to feel grief.


That maybe there was life beyond this one

living on after death!

Coming back to my daily mundane existence

recounting the images.

That I had truly felt was a real  fulfilling sight

leaving me with such delight!


So much we have yet to learn from our mysterious world.


The Foureyed Poet.

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