Ebbing Away!

In his sixties looked around at the people

talking and chatting together

yet sat on his own as if he was not seen

in the eighties he remembered

laying in a hospital bed life ebbing away

was it his moment that day?


After an operation was left bleeding inside

but for an observant doctor

would not be sitting feeling life had halted

nothing had worked out since

certain within himself he was not depressed

filled with self-pity or stressed!


Nothing had worked out thought he was nice

never fell out with others

had one job most of his reasonably long life

two ex-wives that was bad

nobody else had connected with him since

himself tried to convince!


As far as memory would stretch he was sure

tried to move forward

yet always it was blocked each time failed

the sensation of going around

in the same circle unable to break free

never to this day the escapee!


Trapped in a miniature transparent dome

watching time pass by

unable to communicate in a state of stasis

was this just imagination

or a reality that he was doomed to repeat

until there was no heartbeat!


The Foureyed Poet.





In the shadows it stood fangs dripping blood

a spectre of evil observing!

After midnight on a still crowded walkway

camouflaged in a vantage point.

Dressed in a long black coat eager to proceed

a vampire needing to feed!


That urge to hunt and track unsuspecting prey

gave it such a morbid thrill.

Leaving no clues after each savage kill

ripping flesh with its fangs!

Instinct indicating a second feed was near

their heartbeat he could hear!


A lone woman walked at an increasing pace

down a dark muddy lane.

After a row with her drunken boyfriend

distracted in her thoughts.

To fast for any screams or make a break

as her life it did take!


Long sharp fangs sank deep into her soft flesh

soon he’d had his fill for now!

Lacking emotion he left her there satisfied

that this hunt was done.

Back into the dank shadows it retreated

tonight’s feast completed!


Licking the blood off  its fangs! Vanished!


The Foureyed Poet.

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