Always embarrassed at the weird design

of the tattoo on his arm

found it when he awoke with a hangover

a night out with the lads

only months before but seemed like years

getting nothing but sneers!


Even family shunned him afraid to be near

life was hell with the tattoo

painful constantly throbbing had little sleep

never believed in spirits

yet the face scared him felt very unclean

his actions becoming obscene!


As the long dark cold winter nights began

the tattoo glowed in the void

that urge to kill for blood overcame him

a deep voice directed his actions

the once gentle soul had gone evermore

soon becoming part of folklore!


Stalking the shadows in black hooded cloak

a phantom silent and merciless

never leaving any clues or victims to tell

of their deadly encounter

that expressionless face and knife in his fist

any pleas for mercy dismissed!


Soon society would know the evil was back

for in a new host it was Jack!




As he opened one eye a new existence awaited

it was cold and he was semi naked

a salty smell filled his sensitive nostrils

wearily he sat up

blood ran down his arm from a savage gash

clothes strewn about like trash!


No memory of how he ended up in this spot

a watery sun began to shine

standing it was though he had a hangover

how his head throbbed

gathering his clothes and putting them on

he heard a clock on seven dong!


That splitting headache rampaged his thoughts

trying desperately to remember

he was sure it was a celebration with mates

must have had too much booze

finding it hard to even remember his address

how had he got into this mess?


His parents thankfully had already left for work

weak had a job climbing the stairs

could not even recognise himself in the mirror

more zombie than human

still early so dizzy collapsed on the bed

soon his duvet had turned red!


In a deep slumber awful images started to form

of wolves ripping his flesh

the next thing he knew his mum was shouting

shocked at his appearance

evening when he was rushed to hospital so ill

that ambulance siren shrill!


A month passed now resting healed in the garden

darkness was ascending

a full moon shone that night he was twitchy

as his hearing became acute

starting to sweat his entire body began to ache

the wolf inside began to awake!


The Foureyed Poet.

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