Desperate to find a place of solitude

my relationship ended.

Thoughts were naughty and crude

even I felt offended.

Needing to stop to clear my head

seeking a rational thread.


The brisk walk took me some distance

and bracing air was good.

Upon the magnificent view I did chance

like a king there stood.

No sounds except birds in the sky above

realising I had lost a love!


Screeches like a human cry made me turn

self-pity crossed my mind.

Saw it was an injured bird I felt concern

answers I needed to find!

Looking majestic even though was hurt

domination it did exert!


From a distance I admired its will power

for other birds to hear.

Listening with emotion hour by hour

desperation sounding clear.

Several birds swooped wanting to assist

this loyalty did persist!


Revitalised I knew it was time to go back

running away the wrong choice.

The bird showed me be positive attack

speak in a strong voice.

Assuming the bird had no chance a surprise

as into the sky it did rise!


Maybe there was a lesson that day I learned

a different person had returned!


My relationship had finished both still immature

but that bird made me grow up for sure.


The Foureyed Poet.

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