The Tree

The young female driver headed on her journey

the satellite navigation switched on.

Which led to a very desolate rambling road

passing through a thick wood.

Happily singing to the music on the car’s radio

not going very slow.


The car she said seemed to take over steering

as a woman materialised ahead!

Approaching very fast it swerved into a tree

she could only watch!

As what felt an eternity before the collision

no time for revision!


The air bag was deployed and it came to a stop

a moment of noise and pain.

A depth of silence never before encountered

steam poured from the radiator.

Realising the danger unhurt stumbled to a rock

being in a state of shock.


From where she sat the figure appeared again

a woman dressed in red!

Arms out with a pleading gaze then faded

frightened just wanted to run.

Found herself on the road weary confused

her body aching and bruised!


Collapsing waking up in a small hospital ward

questioned there by the police.

Though not taking her story very seriously

saying there was no evidence!

After extensive searches nothing was found

of this haunted ground!


Taking months to get better for her own search

she to never located the spot!

It must have been real her precious car had gone

haunted by that ghostly face.

Was there a split in the fabric of time and space

lucky not to be lost without a trace?


The Foureyed Poet.

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