The male figure stood head covered in a hood

he looked very young

but this was deceiving with pale gaunt skin

aged three hundred years

not a single person gave him a second look

for a child he was took!


Keeping close to family groups blending in

late evening getting hungry

savouring the humans their blood to satisfy

waiting for them to wander

following he liked to track them and hunt

his method of kill blunt!


Then once more after it had drained the prey

into the night floated away

preferring to rest during the lighted hours

in a coffin amongst the tombs

where there was no sound and few entered

or death would be encountered!


Feeling at home amongst the decayed corpses

the unsuspecting public

still unaware of the horror within its midst

but soon as more locals

were lost the immensity would be detected

as out of control infected!


Oblivious to these coming horrors night fell

the vampire in the hood

again prowled in his favourite spot observing

just waiting to pounce

as the peaceful town drew nearer to disaster

to the church came a new Pastor!


This man of god had been sent in advance

he had not arrived by chance!

the paths of priest and hood would entwine

the outcome not Divine!


The Foureyed Poet.



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