That feeling of Euphoria was a crescendo

after a wonderful summer.

With the sports success at the Olympics

for the athletes and the public.

Just what the authorities want us to believe

as praise their happy to receive!


It can’t be denied the games was a winner

spectacular and uplifting.

Athletes showed to win the major factor

along with elation and pride.

The forces safe guarded security of the games

upholding protocols and aims.


Problems at the start were soon forgotten

as athletes and public gelled.

The many nations joined as a big family

interacting for the sport.

The spirit and history of the games upheld

each and everyone excelled!


Opening and closing ceremonies a celebration

thousands of volunteers performed.

Actors musicians technicians in perfect harmony

magnificent vision and sound.

Bombarded those watching an awesome display

memories that will never fade away!


The paralympic games made everybody so proud

their courage and skill thrilled.

Many records surpassed and medals won

it brought to a wide public.

That taking part and winning was their aim

not money but being in the game!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Dangerous Games!

Man’s playing dangerous games high in the sky

lethal loads unknown to those below

contact did not exist the actions do now imply

weapons the military did not know

human error a fact we must always be aware

our existence is like an open snare.


Technology excels faster than we understand

discoveries to advance our race

or destroy a fine balance of the human strand

dabbling god like onward at pace

scientists altering the genes for progress again

can only end in misery and pain.


Will that moment arrive that is a step too far

destroyed by knowledge achieved

earth becoming another exploding dying star

the people unaware and deceived

discoveries were beyond our comprehension

foolishly done with good intention!


Going blindly on with dangerous games!


The Foureyed Poet.




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