Down the litter strewn alleyway of the city

the fifteen year old scavenged.

Trying find anything to eat to stay alive

not wanting anybody’s pity.

She had run away from an abusive home

on the streets to roam!


Still hard here having to fend for herself

but better than how she’d lived.

Dangers lurked in the basement world

sadly felt this was safer.

Her home now a disused office block

her possessions  in a  sock.


Sometimes stealing to get enough to eat

even selling her body!

Existing never shown love or decency

closing her mind to hope!

Until one day a rich girl disappeared

and foul play was feared.


Entering the alleyway her clothes soiled

and into the path of Cindy.

Two contrasting teenagers found a bond

this no money could achieve.

Guiding her new friend to a safer place

neither now lost without a trace!


Helped by compassion of a friend who cared

for a better future she prepared!


Cindy’s life changed when she met a loving family.


The Foureyed Poet.

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The Empty House!

The police were called by scared neighbours

because of the empty house.

After hearing odd sounds and movements

it had been empty for years!

There had been a history a woman had died

foul play had been denied!


Not the known sounds of squatters and vandals

it was more sinister!

Effecting every soul living near the property

each feeling the danger!

An oppressive mood engulfed the entire street

even the policeman on his beat!


His stomach churned being afraid to go near

baffled at this development.

Pounding this patch for a long time recalling

the nice couple no kids.

Had not lived there in the house very long

never finding anything wrong.


It had been boarded up to stop any breakings!

reluctantly he had to check.

The front was tightly locked no entry here

there was a noise from inside.

Another officer joined him to go to the rear

approaching a voice  they did hear!


Running up the path thinking someone was there

finding it dark and silent!

The council arrived to remove the shutters

it was the moment to enter!

An awful smell made the two feel very sick

there was a mist so very thick!


A piece of a floorboard hit the policeman’s arm

reeling around nothing was there!

The mist moved very slowly gradually sinking

to about a foot off the floor.

a shape seemed to rise it was a young female

then faded there was a loud wail!


The second officer ran in terror from the house

leaving the beat copper alone!

Putting his torch on he could see broken wood

knowing it was time for forensics!

A body lay beneath his feet without doubt

a detailed search would find out!


Why had this secret been given up after so long

that question was never found.

Neither was the identification of the body

the police left baffled!

The empty house has continuing activity inside

how many more deaths does it hide?


The Foureyd Poet.

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