So Easy!

So easy to give up holding your head high anymore

to let those who think they have power of control

who threaten and bully to enter through your door

focus never give in or let them overstep their role

too much authority given to the corrupt and rotten

leaving us unprotected vulnerable and forgotten!


The rights of us all eroded allowing debt collectors

the power to hound and cause untold misery

with no recourse of legal support to fight the case

more becoming trapped in positions none can face!





Often Unseen

Often unseen the many forgotten people

in any inhabited places.

Lonely struggling to live on low pay

to proud to ask for support.

Not only the elderly are in the shade

emotions not displayed.


Many living in homes without any heating

eating little with no contact.

Confined to one room all they own in a bag

nobody comes to call.

Some work long hours on the minimum wage

but are not filled with rage.


Not demanding nor expecting any support

or trying to fleece the state.

Genuine lonely and truly independent souls

who deserve more respect.

Giving the kindness most of won’t ever receive

a rare gift in humility they believe.


Vulnerable as they still think in the old values

of  honesty and respect!

Making them ideal targets for those to hound

intent on taking their last pound!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Are we noticed as we stand or linger

maybe sit or walk about

a flash a blur or going on a specific line

quiet not allowed to shout

unless it is a crowd or part of a scene

extras not meant to be seen

from mighty block busters that thrill

or unknown shows hardly viewed

often forgotten but wait with goodwill

eager and ready to go on cue

spending their days waiting around

for assistant directors command

not always being treated very well

classed as the lowest of the low

under a tyrants rule being given hell

occasionally a walk on part to glow

the silent minority there to support

but too often were sold short!


Had been an extra for more than ten years

sometimes felt part of the production

too often made to feel inferior no respect

one rule not to outshine the stars

fill the background and do as you are told

your presence must not be bold!



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