The Clearing!

The clearing was situated in a huge forest

the size of a football field

where nothing would grow not even grass

a substance like burnt soil

covered the entire sight nothing within

not even branches leant in!


A defined line like an invisible barrier

no living thing dare enter

accept for those curious adventurers

risking all for an answer

no matter what dangers were involved

an enigma to be solved!


Here two men now stood at the edge

apprehensive of entering

remembering accounts of witnesses

and what they had seen

their shaky voices and terrified eyes

they were telling no lies!


Bravely both walked into the expanse

that it had been said

held portals to many other dimensions

now empty and silent

their electromagnetic metres alarmed

were they to be harmed?


Vulnerable in the huge empty clearing

one saw a bright glow

orange in colour mesmerized moved

closer as it darted about

becoming perplexed as he tracked

his pace never slacked!


The other saw him dash away at a fast pace

seeing the orb change shape

but as they approached faded and vanished

both began to have dizzy spells

were truly scared sensing others around

jumped for the clearing exit bound!


Even this became a challenge muscles weak

their stamina and will drained

dark shapes coming from everywhere fell

with a hard thud onto grass

on the path they had arrived at the clearing

left more danger fearing!


Able to confirm a place of unexplained events

leaving reluctant to ever return!


Was it due to prior knowledge or the experience real?


The Foureyed Poet.




































































The Football Ground!

The football ground was now empty

after the exciting game.

The packed seated stands now quiet

one person on the pitch.

Thousands had cheered the clubs win

making a wonderful din!


The groundsman stood on the centre line

viewing the main stand.

When he heard a loud clear voice call out

but couldn’t understand.

Moving closer as nobody should be there

a bang gave him a scare.


Only half of the flood lights were turned on

creating eerie shadows.

Yet bravely he walked over to the seats

focusing on the eighth row.

And to him it looked just like a seated fan

could not make out if a man.


Maybe somebody had decided not to leave

so waved and called back.

No reply but the figure seemed to wave to

against better judgement.

Made his way up the concrete steps to the tier

but it was completely clear!


Alone he stood on that terrace what had he seen?


How he wished he was somewhere else!


The Foureyed Poet.



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The Football

It was just a grubby yellow plastic football

the youngsters found.

Left unwanted in a dried up river bed

near burnt out cars.

In the once thriving peaceful desert town

the war had brought down!


A group of six friends with a lot in common

each orphaned by the fighting.

Known nothing but war since their birth

had found away to be friends.

Needing an outlet they all could share

learning how to care.


When one boy spotted the yellow football

a new hope emerged!

Their chance to have fun and be focused

to give them a purpose.

An incredible joy as they started to play

none could take it away.


Missing from amongst them that tribal mistrust

teenagers had found a spark.

From different backgrounds wanting to mix

defying the old traditions!

Not to fear without hate to kill or mutilate

but make earth a joined state!


Watching them play with that football

should be man’s wake up call!


United we stand alone we fall!


The Foureyed Poet.

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