Flying Creatures!

Tales of flying creatures had always been told

in that part of the country

as the centuries passed they became legends

ghoulish stories handed down

but the deep fear and suspicion remained

the paranoia maintained!


Into this environment a family came to live

work had located them here

unaware of the dark arts still being practiced

to them a fresh start

hoping to be accepted into the local fold

their coming was foretold!


Their house was on the outskirts of the village

next to a dense creepy forest

from the first night the children were terrified

frantically telling what they saw

a flying beast swooping above their heads

escaping their clothes in shreds!


Running inside in a petrified state yelling

hiding under the table

finding this was their only safe place here

they could hear it on the roof

said it looked like a huge horned butterfly

black with a screeching cry!


Thinking the kids minds were on overdrive

but something had attacked

staying in until it was daylight once more

when the parents ventured out

no movement or sound glancing around

their pet dog dead on the ground!


There was a predator near what could it be

the husband had heard tales

that moth like beings supposed to exist

was it true or fiction

within only a day were lucky to be alive

what didn’t want them to survive?


Would this family escape or each expire

as the screeching pitch became higher!


The Foureyed Poet.

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