The Policeman!

The policeman came onto an early shift

having an early breakfast.

Before heading out on his lone patrol

he hoped it wouldn’t be busy.

After stopping two drivers for speeding

giving tickets before proceeding.


As it was quiet headed to the rural patch

sparse of traffic and people.

When he received an odd radio message

reports of an unknown flying craft.

Not far from where he had been going

the adrenaline started flowing.


Within minutes he could  see the object

it was grey and metallic.

And hovering over a nearby corn field

far from the main road.

No other cars or people were in the area

he didn’t have to face hysteria.


The police car quietly costed to a standstill

getting out for a better view.

There was no sound that he could detect

cautiously moving closer.

Suddenly rose as if detecting his presence

if it attacked he had no defense!


Returning to the car contacted his control

to report what he had witnessed.

Before it flew up at an incredible velocity

becoming just a bright glow.

What he’d witnessed there was no explination

to him not of man’s creation.


He was then told it was a military plane

and his silence he must maintain!


This he knew was a complete lie!


What really had he seen?


The Foureyed Poet.


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A Dark Shape!

As they stared through night vision binoculars

lights lit up in the desert

a dark silent shape took off at high-speed

the base was cloaked once more

they stood many miles away on a distant hill

their mission tried to fulfill!


Watching the secret and famous classified base

risking detection even from here

their time had not been wasted as they saw

amazing aerial acrobatics

from yet another secret disc shaped flying craft

zooming gracefully in an updraft!


Are there man made unknown flying objects

or is there alien intervention

countless sightings seen over many decades

reported and confirmed

what truths lay hidden beneath the sands

controlled by secret hands!


The centre of our attention is area fifty-one

in the Nevada desert

so much dark mystery of  fact and fiction

intrigue deepens each year

nothing confirmed nor speculation denied

what do they really hide?


We should know the truth rather than listen to lies!


The Foureyed Poet.




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