He knew as his guts twisted in tight knots

the wildly swinging sign

was not due to natures raging wind

but what stood in the rift

opened by a witches provocative spell

there would be no time to dwell!


The entity had crossed into earths realm

dark forces he had witnessed

over the centuries of constant battles

he himself was an angel

sent by the creator to protect his flock

until this moment deadlock!


A powerful magic had been unleashed

he could not fight alone

as more destruction of a battered world

could finally rip it apart

felt their growing spiritual forces soaring

in a realm of constant warring!


The ancient ones had prised open the gates

allowing the armies of evil in

his army of holy angels almost slaughtered

battling those once united

most of humanity knew nothing of this foe

as the grace had become a dim glow!


With almighty power he summoned his troops

would this be the final conflict

the skies became darkened bursting with light

thunder shook the earth

storms fiercely raged as mountains exploded

God the Devil goaded!







The vast flock of birds turned day into night

nobody watching had observed it before

swarmed overwhelming the market square

swooping low with an intelligent intent

squawking drowning out all normal sound

this spectacle did all present confound!


Viciously hit by sharp claws and sharp beaks

petrified by the blood curdling shrieks!


Loud bangs were heard as birds began to fall

covering the roads and walk areas

like a thick black carpet upon paved ground

life lost in their panicked flight

a scene of devastation was spread all around

something unseen here did abound!


Nowhere to tread without stepping on birds

their expressions no need for words!


The grey swirling skies were empty of life

faint eerie rumbles continued

there was no explanation for this situation

cats roamed in a triumphant parade

in the distance birds still hovered on trees

not approaching watching with unease!


Eventually every bird carcasses was removed

nothing was found to have caused it

yet the ill-health amongst the large community

increased to unparalleled numbers

all cats and dogs disappeared from the state

nothing was found to confirm their fate!


What had migrated to the this pleasant spot

unknown was it a human or alien plot?


Heavy clouds remained nothing above now flew

life began to wither people contained

in case this contamination was able to spread

experts searched for even a single clue

that spiritual connection with people remained

as those trapped each day did dread!


Then on one repetitive day it was consumed

by thick black clouds and forever entombed!



The New Summer

A new summer was here at long last

it was hot and dry.

No more thought of those winter days

that first cycle ride.

Into the shrinking countryside alone

nice to be on your own.


Finding a quiet lane inhaling warm air

remembering your youth.

The population sparse villages small

you stop at a sign.

Leading to a footpath rising to a hill

a challenge to fulfill.


A faint humming boosts your senses

that moment to relax.

Easing the stresses of daily existence

and channelled thoughts.

A day of unknown futures everywhere

no time to prepare!


From that high point a panoramic spectacle

feeling like a god.

Looking down upon his flock from on high

lost and floundering.

With so much discord in his own creation

near to obliteration!


Disturbed by the thought of man’s disintegration

making your way back.

Along the track from tranquility in to uncertainty

and dangers of living.

That short break giving you hope of a solution

to our total pollution!


Love, Respect, Care and Hope is this within us?


The Foureyed Poet.

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