A sound from behind made her turn around

not a soul was in view I found.

making  them feel very afraid terror grew

gripping the fear of being attacked but who

nobody is safe walking out and about

to risk being hurt by some uncouth lout

at anytime of the day or night is safe

there are different opinions and little faith

in our polices ability to protect or control

as their positions hard in this important role

so much pleasure was gained from a stroll

today mugger’s and vandals have taken their toll

unemployment has changed attitudes of mind

the once happy workers are not always kind

or understanding of the plight they are now in

there are those who would steal from their kin

teenagers are confused not knowing what’s ahead

others who lap up the situation are easily led

hookers  stand or roam certain areas or streets

so are a lot of unearthly fiends who could complete

the array of nasty people to meet when your out

young mothers and babies who’d hear them shout.

most are afraid to get involved in giving a hand

to save those caught up in the world of the damned.

are  the times when it was  really safe to walk

with no fear of abuse you felt happy to talk

gone forever like the freedom of movement.

friendliness and cooperation was heaven-sent

our lives are like the flicker of an eyelid

communities today live in fear often divided!


The Foureyed Poet.

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