Before entering were confronted with slogans

large sprawled letters still dripping

seemed like blood on the vandalized entrance

put on their guard the trio

had no idea what to expect within structure

graffiti was on every wall

even on doors and the rubble strewn floor

a pentagram added to the decor!


Urban explorers found the isolated mansion

recently told about its existence

without any facts only vague information

started to investigate the rooms

full of bravado unaware of the dangers here

it was dark within a foul odor

hung heavily in the stale air they inhaled

as up the rickety stairs scaled!


Flooring unstable dust made them cough

cracking sounds was it natural

or did something wait in the shadows

whispering came from a room

nobody was within a ceiling fan rotated

yet there was no electricity on

after they nearly fell through the ceiling

upstairs was no longer appealing!


In the basement to blood was spattered

they had a bad feeling here

symbols on the walls and a cracked mirror

a ghastly face for a second

was seen glaring back at them panicking

made their desperate exit

falling onto the overgrown grassy pathway

their humility on display!


Sweating but shivering with cold and fear

feeling they were being observed

every sound made them more paranoid

in all their travels never before

sensed such dread wanting to get away

yet as they stumbled confused

recounting that image in the mirror seen

was terrifying and obscene!


They were found delirious on the roadside

none able to communicate

as the truth of their experience did hide

with morbid curiosity knew

they had to return as it had petrified them

life was about thrill seeking

often travelling all over the world to explore

an online audience wanting more!


On a camera that image was safely stored!




The Football Ground!

The football ground was now empty

after the exciting game.

The packed seated stands now quiet

one person on the pitch.

Thousands had cheered the clubs win

making a wonderful din!


The groundsman stood on the centre line

viewing the main stand.

When he heard a loud clear voice call out

but couldn’t understand.

Moving closer as nobody should be there

a bang gave him a scare.


Only half of the flood lights were turned on

creating eerie shadows.

Yet bravely he walked over to the seats

focusing on the eighth row.

And to him it looked just like a seated fan

could not make out if a man.


Maybe somebody had decided not to leave

so waved and called back.

No reply but the figure seemed to wave to

against better judgement.

Made his way up the concrete steps to the tier

but it was completely clear!


Alone he stood on that terrace what had he seen?


How he wished he was somewhere else!


The Foureyed Poet.



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