That sweet alluring scent made him turn

as she walked closely by

long fair hair glinting in the early light

just catching a glimpse

but the exhilarating smell lingered on

for her he did so long!


Could not lose the smell absorbed within

an image of flowing hair

intrigued to know what her image could be

frustrating his manly urges

just a glimpse but their auras had touched

why did he like her so much?


With an ever rapidly growing intensity he saw

an image with snarling teeth

in his decreasing waking and sleeping spells

the same form repeating

yet always the smell of that addictive perfume

his whole being did consume!


For an endless time had this pursuing torment

oblivious to any reality

afraid of another visitation of growing intensity

unable to grasp the cause

or comprehend the link between that meeting

and scent as his life was retreating!


With a jolt he opened his now heavy eyelids

his first sense to return smell

a blond woman by his side the scent strong

smiling and holding his hand

the one so sure that filled his every thought

no more to be sought!


She told him they were  married his new wife

but it did not ring true

the scent overpowering he felt blissfully calm

maybe this was his life

without actual proof  this existence was real

yet had a pleasant feel!


In truth he was in a deep coma after being hit

by the woman drunk driver

his last conscious moment was her expression

the blond hair of the paramedic

the scent recently put on was him at the scene

the injuries worst they had seen!


Now forever in his virtual perfect world Locked!


The Foureyed Poet.







What if spiritually man was united

no greed or the very rich?

Kind to neighbours and strangers

without any hidden agendas.

Weapons removed no use anymore

with nothing to fight for!


Slums and poverty was just a memory

we had at last to be fair.

Every country working in harmony

plundering of earth ended.

Care for human and animal welfare

everybody happy to share!


Peace and love was all that we knew

conflicts only in books.

Bad words removed from dictionaries

museums housed all weapons.

A fair society had been established here

not a soul lived in fear!


It’s a world regrettably only in my imagination

but is it too virginal?


But I thought how nice to think what if—?


The Foureyed Poet.

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