The Band!

Excitement was high as the growing audience

waited with anticipation

for the heavy metal band to come on stage

known for outrageous shows

and their interest in occult and devil worship

it would be the ultimate trip!


Ferocious Beast name of the six member band

came upon the large stage

with a crescendo of sound and flashing lights

through thick dried ice smoke

leather clad with black menacing face paint

starting without constraint!


Into their set the band pounded the loud music

soon the mesmerizing voice

of the bewitching lead singer reverberated out

everyone listening was hooked

as if hypnotised by the clear words and tone

for them the seed was sown!


Huge speakers broadcast every syllable and notes

to the audiences willing ears

demonic images flashed onto viewing screens

at a pulsating high-definition pace

as cowled figures mingled amongst the throng

the intensity became strong!


Into the night the passion excelled to fever pitch

physically and mentally exhausted

they collapsed as the band left the stage in triumph

their message had been delivered

bedded into memories of the fans and believers

who had been welcome receivers!


The band moved onto their next awaiting disciples!


The Foureyed Poet.








By their appearance together they were happy

even though a short period

had passed romance had certainly evolved

both well-known personalities

in their chosen careers each had excelled

high respect for both held.


It could not be predicted what happened

the night before saint valentines

in the early hours awful screams heard

followed by four gunshots

and sirens disturbing the still night air

start of the tragic affair!


Emergency services entered a fatal scene

inside the luxury home

a trail of blood and a dead young woman

shot in the man’s arms

the search for the truth would now begin

in a tragedy none could win!


The circumstances to this horrendous death

would become complex

the scene did not look right to the trained eye

even to hardened officers

the brutality caused by the shells extreme

silent now that terrified scream!


Once the victim and suspect were removed

and evidence was gathered

the large house lay empty the only witness

silent with no voice to tell

unlikely the true facts would be revealed

now ever more within sealed!


The young woman could not tell her story

the accused living in unholy glory!


Was there honestly an intruder?

The Foureyed Poet.


That feeling of Euphoria was a crescendo

after a wonderful summer.

With the sports success at the Olympics

for the athletes and the public.

Just what the authorities want us to believe

as praise their happy to receive!


It can’t be denied the games was a winner

spectacular and uplifting.

Athletes showed to win the major factor

along with elation and pride.

The forces safe guarded security of the games

upholding protocols and aims.


Problems at the start were soon forgotten

as athletes and public gelled.

The many nations joined as a big family

interacting for the sport.

The spirit and history of the games upheld

each and everyone excelled!


Opening and closing ceremonies a celebration

thousands of volunteers performed.

Actors musicians technicians in perfect harmony

magnificent vision and sound.

Bombarded those watching an awesome display

memories that will never fade away!


The paralympic games made everybody so proud

their courage and skill thrilled.

Many records surpassed and medals won

it brought to a wide public.

That taking part and winning was their aim

not money but being in the game!


The Foureyed Poet.

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