Your Face!

Why did I think that you cared

as upon your face stared

said you never had any feelings

me just another man that’s all

really was no intention to call

great pleasure taking you out

honestly then just didn’t know

your affections reluctant to show

deep inside though doubts grew

told friends of the fool you knew

becoming your personal clown

my fragile essence knocked down!


This moment still lingers within!




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The Copse!

In the sunlight the copse seemed so fine

there had been tales

of ghostly sightings within its fencing

this was hard to believe

shadows cast as the sun shone down

leaves turning brown!


Here on an outdoor primary investigation

requiring little equipment

more observation of the sights and sounds

it was so natural in daylight

altering as darkness took over at sunset

causing that sense of threat!


The copse began to feel cold and sinister

we had worked out a route

with areas for each session to be held

natural sounds filtered in

at least for several hours it was good

then before me a figure stood!


Now we felt confused nothing was the same

our planned route not there

it became dense the dark solid and thick

wandering around in circles

ending back in the same spot we started

sad and downhearted!


Each thinking they saw shadows darting

as torches were aimed

it was like the beams had hit a solid wall

trapped in another reality

spiritually our essence was draining away

we were here to stay!


Then within an instance it had disappeared

in the copse the air cleared

shocked and unsure of what had happened

we just had to leave

back to normality of a starry clear night

shouting out with delight!


What each of us had experienced I have no idea

in the copse an unnatural atmosphere!


The Foureyed Poet.

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