The years have gone by

often wonder where

on reflection think why

nobody there to share

nor guide me to see

there are those who care

to feel more carefree

but of life’s pitfalls aware

is there hope don’t know

can the future change

a resolute smile will show

even if it looks strange!


Few notice that your low

a mode of our time

hope the sadness will go

facing the rising crime

if only more could forgive

not just wanting to fight

in peace more could live

showing real foresight

who can we trust today

when supports not found

life’s harder every day

with such poverty around!


Easy to envy the wealthy

but there is a divide

for our sanity not healthy

have to swallow pride

a stable society has gone

uncertainty here to stay

no matter how we all long

living is a risk each day!


At the mercy of unseen forces!










The couple sat kissing at the table

you see the attraction

Small chat and  continues touching

happy to be watched.

Whether a relationship just started

established no way parted.


In a culture of more physical contact

a tendency for lust.

Love by word not in their thoughts

the pressures exerted.

Where long term and genuine care

for many just is not there!


For those without any relationships

it may not be pleasing to see.

As in the street or other public spaces

affection is openly shown.

Not serious may often just be for fun

the heart not be won.


How many lonely people watch in envy

wishing for companionship.


The Foureyed Poet.

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