Just a great day in the big city

a treat for the couple

their one annual visit was here

a tour of historic sites

look around the stores a show

happy together toe to toe!


Busy hustle and bustle of people

minding their own business

walking enjoying the atmosphere

heard a scooter close by

something wet on their heads fell

and life became a living hell!


Seconds later the pain unbearable

as flesh began to burn

everyone realised both splashed

with a corrosive liquid

was another abhorrent acid attack

time they could not backtrack!


From nowhere water was handed

to passersby who helped

pouring water on to damaged skin

trying to dilute the substance

ease the suffering of the innocence

with tender touch did commence!


The Perpetrators long gone from scene

utter disbelief a savage act

in a city centre street made no sense

or perception of their mentality

soon paramedics were there attending

the search on for those offending!


Both in hospital wounds being assessed

to see extent of tissue damage

as doctors frantically fought to minimise

the long term consequences

of physical restrictions to future living

mentally it would be unforgiving!


Such a despicable act is on the increase

mans cruelty knows no bounds

but what has changed over centuries

those just wanting to live

in peace and harmony wanting unity

without malice in every community!


But always those who are intent on hate

inflicting endless misery

not caring for anybody but themselves

where mercy does not exist

will take at any cost to make profit

for humanity does not give a shit!


Amongst us they roam devils in human form!










The Elderly Lady

It was such a pleasant morning in the village

as I stopped for a break.

Parking outside a quaint thatched cottage

in the garden an elderly lady sat.

Enjoying the warm summers afternoon

it was a Thursday in June.


Automatically I gave her a friendly wave

she waved and smiled back.

A picture postcard scene it had to be seen

had a nice tea and cake.

Soon on my way but remembered the visit

and the lady by the privet.


Must have been a year to the day I went back

a short detour to the coast.

My wife came along as we headed on holiday

she was keen to see it too.

The only difference was more yellow lines

and more car park signs!


Eventually we wandered down the only street

both eager to say hello.

But there was only a shabby looking place

and a garden of weeds.

Run down and neglected nobody lived here

that was perfectly clear!


Asking those in the small village convenience store

it had been empty for years.

The elderly lady died peacefully in her sleep

the cottage couldn’t be sold.

They added others had said they seen her to

as they’d been passing through!


Passed by in the car for just one more look

how my sanity had been shook!


The Foureyed Poet.

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