Numerous years have gone past

with the countless stories told

of heroic deeds the scope is vast

brave ones who have been so bold

we need these idols and heroes

to give us the power and drive

endless wars with nameless foes

when victims endeavor to survive

heroes can be found everywhere

as the worlds troubles increase

those with strength of will to dare

giving those in need the release

as the brave often face acclaim

their publicity is widespread

sometimes it is unwanted fame

a thank you would do instead!


We can only salute the brave

who so often our lives do save!







Another War

Away the forces go to another war

to face a foe in another land.

Far from home on some foreign shore

at present on blood soaked sand.

With bigger weapons that kill more

what nightmares are in store.

In the horror civilians are embroiled

drawn into this purgatory conflict.

The slaughter cannot be foiled

death after death both sides inflict.

More terror and misery compounded

no rest the troops are still hounded.

This is no computer war game

but a lethal final heart break.

nobody wants the ultimate blame

where there is such a high stake.

there are no winners ever

they can only try to endeavor!


Our soldiers are ensnared in another war

their loss surely to higher price to pay!


The Foureyed Poet.

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