The screen is blank nothing works anymore

so many did not believe it would happen

the end was not by any nuclear or alien war

but by a complete computer network hack

everything just stopped life was suspended

as chaos on human life rapidly descended!


Everything was manipulated by the computers

water electricity and gas supplies halted

planes trains even the driverless cars useless

it brought living to the finality end of days

from a society though corrupt was operational

to becoming one of  being totally dysfunctional!


The cooling systems in the power stations stopped

every one of them becoming critical and exploding

spewing radiation into an already contaminated air

sewage filled the oceans and disease was rife

every screen was like staring into the pits of hell

as the nations turned on each other and fell!


Those with foresight somehow managed to last longer

but could only stay underground for a certain time

not having the facilities or organisation of the elite

who found themselves defeated by their miscalculations

a destructive virus causing an irrevocable shutdown

in the end like us all in their own filth did drown!


In despair I end my message as life is sustainable no more!







Concentration at that moment was a priority

but he followed the bus.

Rushing somewhere nothing else important

his mind dysfunctional.

Not stopping to give at the mini roundabout

he was knocked out!


The other car crashed into him on his side

spinning him into a post.

Awaking in intensive care unable to move

his depression immense.

Only recently he had become a bankrupt

accused of being corrupt!


Those problems now didn’t matter he knew

though his  wife left years ago.

Her hatred for him had grown more intense

swore she’d ruin his life.

Draining his money paying the bills no way

creditors demanding he pay!


Sliding into unconsciousness a hounded man

faintly hearing alarms.

Voices and hands touching him he felt no more

gone the worries of living.

His fight was over with those who didn’t care

now he was out of there!


As the heart stopped his soul left the body

now finding that alluded peace!


The Foureyed Poet.

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The Pack!

They gathered like packs of wild hounds

forever in a drunken stupor!

Numbers growing in every built up area

permanently socially disengaged.

Usually a can in their hands they hover

often causing lots of bovver!


Wandering amongst those who do labour

living off government benefits.

Often with a dog they seem to drag around

most pathetic and scruffy.

To society they are a becoming a rising cost

on life’s path they’re lost!


This growing number who do not give a toss

roam like a dysfunctional army!

Contributing nothing but causing strife

a constant disorder threat!

Growing as society begins breaking apart

from the bottom it will start!


Corruption envy and greed the old tale

society it will derail!


The Foureyed Poet.

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