They said there was a drought water was short

not enough for domestic use.

At first were declaring it was nobodies fault

it had not rained for so long.

You’d be committing an offence by using a hose pipe

truthfully was a load of tripe!


Water companies out there making a financial killing

all encouraged not to waste water.

More fancy gadgets that the public would be willing

to buy water usage multiplied.

As the buzz words build more on any piece of land

telling us there was a demand!


Thousands of houses built telling us there was a need

statistics only the government held!

Small groups tried protesting for it not to proceed

but fields were still built on.

Heavy rains came with even more depleted drainage

so did our despair and rage.


A state of increasing taxes with absolutely nothing to show

more became classed as poor!

Communication with voters became extremely slow

the authorities had a strangle hold!

As the ban on a non-existent drought dragged on

more doubters joined the throng!


Was there a danger of a rapidly growing national threat

from the people against those elite?

Basking in luxury as the masses had increasing debt

the drought adding more fury!

Restrictions taking their dignity it had turned sour

there would be a definitive hour!


Or is this just a modern nightmare tale?


The Foureyed Poet.

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