The Cult!

There he sat cold cruel eyes surveying

the large group of women

who were mesmerized by his presence

absorbing every single word

head of a cult where he was their god

ruling them with an iron rod!


The family he liked to call his followers

lived in a fortified compound

his kingdom where he had total control

quoting from his written bible

and the original with his interpretation

for the religion of his creation!


Filled their minds with doomsday warnings

a fort with arms and provisions

each female was classed as his concubine

morality was set at his limits

as more young were drawn into this cult

only him did they all exalt!


Families at a loss on what could be done

unable to make any contact

even though their children did not listen

their thoughts under his control

encapsulated within this perilous society

that was of dubious piety!


The dangers clear but somehow proceeded

nothing good everybody knew

would come of  a narrow-minded philosophy

based in a country just staying

for the moment within its legal borderline

becoming harder to define!


Warnings signs were clearly visible to see

but ignored only death can I foresee!


The Foureyed Poet.






Twenty twelve had become the year

with predictions of life ending!

Echoed around the globe this fear

different ideas on our demise.

Depressing many ignored by most

would we soon be toast?


One theory solar flares from our sun

that brings us light and life!

Is this how the predictions fulfilled

in the year twenty twelve?

Nature is man’s most formidable foe

our outcome there’s no control!


Humanoids truthfully never respected it

abusing and using the resources!

Always for profit rarely trying to preserve

not equal between greed and need!

At natures mercy fate will take its course

too late for any remorse!


Will twenty twelve come true as a prediction

or onward to the next dooms day scenario?


The Foureyed Poet.


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