From The Air!

From the air nothing moved in the rubble

after the months of pounding

no building from shells bombs and artillery

was complete thousands had died

bodies still lay underneath the ancient city

anybody there could only feel pity!


High definition images made it look surreal

a once proud and thriving culture

following the same paths as their ancestors

caught in an international conflict

that did not care of the human lives or cost

so many generations ever lost!


He was powerless sent to record the aftermath

of this brutality and utter carnage

he had seen it so often the pointlessness of war

the displacement of the survivors

torn from the only lives they had ever known

their plight captured by a drone!


The people of the world watched then moved on

shocked yet this was but one story

destruction and domination was not new to man

this had always gone on the few ruled

over the masses who suffered at their cruel hands

upon us peasants in all the earthly lands!


Until man is eradicated himself from existence so be it!





Desperate to find a place of solitude

my relationship ended.

Thoughts were naughty and crude

even I felt offended.

Needing to stop to clear my head

seeking a rational thread.


The brisk walk took me some distance

and bracing air was good.

Upon the magnificent view I did chance

like a king there stood.

No sounds except birds in the sky above

realising I had lost a love!


Screeches like a human cry made me turn

self-pity crossed my mind.

Saw it was an injured bird I felt concern

answers I needed to find!

Looking majestic even though was hurt

domination it did exert!


From a distance I admired its will power

for other birds to hear.

Listening with emotion hour by hour

desperation sounding clear.

Several birds swooped wanting to assist

this loyalty did persist!


Revitalised I knew it was time to go back

running away the wrong choice.

The bird showed me be positive attack

speak in a strong voice.

Assuming the bird had no chance a surprise

as into the sky it did rise!


Maybe there was a lesson that day I learned

a different person had returned!


My relationship had finished both still immature

but that bird made me grow up for sure.


The Foureyed Poet.

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