Forever Being Shown

Forever shown on the media as if to be proud

man’s appalling history.

Wars have always dominated human culture

through countless strife.

Carnage constantly depicted on our screens

where you see real fiends!


As if these are trophies proud to be shown

maybe to view our mistakes.

Film makers creating war films more graphic

documentaries digitally enhanced.

Any footage clarified raising major reactions

trying to analyse the actions.


Maybe we need reminding of our blunders

often the young don’t want to know.

Brought up with never ending war zones

becoming blaise to the horrors!

Many don’t even read see or hear news

interesting in personal views!


Violence is part of our hereditary code

natural mode physical combat.

Rather than talk it through to rationalize

so they rage ever on.

And the atrocities will I can see continue

guiltless killed by the few!


The human species is a breed apart!


The Foureyed Poet.

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