The Disc!

The airport was at its usual daily peak

thousands wanting to fly away.

Frustrations mounting with each delay

but eventually this flight.

Departed late evening on runway 201

glittering in the dusky sun.


From the ground it looked a perfect take off

but it was not alone!

Besides the sleek aircraft was a disc like object

keeping pace as it rose!

Ground crew were afraid it could be a missile

at least for a short while.


The air force were alerted it stayed along side

passengers saw the disc.

Silver in colour no markings they could see

none of the air crew had a clue!

Speeding ahead it turned on a collision course

towards them at G force!


The plane started to take emergency evasive action

to avoid a fatal impact!

In the control tower nothing showed up on radar

even though it could be seen!

After about twenty minutes it started to glow

then seemed to slow!


As witnesses watched silently it split into two

instantly into space it flew!

The plane crew decided to continue their flight

no airforce jets caught the UFO that night!


The Foureyed Poet.

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