An odd sensation was all she was aware

a pain and the darkness

awoke suddenly alone in her apartment

as if from a deep sleep

everything seemed exactly as before

yet different was so sure!


On the large settee she found herself laid

adjusting her blurred vision

her pet dog came to lick the hanging hand

but never felt the sensation

concerned sat up it was then she realised

life had been deprived!


Her body was on the settee white and still

yet she seemed so real

the dog slowly backed away as if in fear

her husband came in

from a night shift and to her side ran

a tired shattered man!


She had loved him now could not touch

only watch as he tried

to revive the woman he had just wed

phoning for an ambulance

in shock laid beside her loudly praying

their pet with a ball playing!


Paramedics came very quickly with aid

watching expecting the light

her husband holding their fluffy pet dog

hearing every word they said

both tried everything to start the heart

not wanting her forever to part!


Surely it was too late life had now passed

but a weird sensation

more pain a deep breath and a gentle kiss

a warm hand gentle breath

knowing she was back alive and not alone

really hearing his soft tone!


Upon a stretcher drips in arms on oxygen

heading to the medical centre

heard a voice an image of her dead father

faintly saying not your time

my precious child but I am always near

later was certain she did hear!


Eighteen months seemed to have flown by

their dreams had come true

back in hospital for birth of their child

the problems now melted away

happily over time her strength grew

incredibly life had begun anew!


The Foureyed Poet.



The New Neighbour

My last neighbour made no noise at all

never knew they were there.

But they passed away completely quiet

nothing to disturb me.

It did not last a new neighbour arrived

my tranquility deprived!


At first not much sound came from next door

hoping it would quieten down.

Then louder noises emanated in the wall

hammering sounds too.

Worried I knocked their door to complain

from anger I tried to refrain!


Never a reply but a lot of vehicles came after dark

many arrived and went.

Few if any ever during those daylight hours

when black curtains were shut!

A nasty smell started to make me feel ill

something burnt on a grill!


I hadn’t believed in vampires until the neighbour

moved in next door!

From then on my windows stayed tightly shut

who would believe me?

No animals came near which was a good thing

but what would the future bring?


The noises got worse even afraid to sleep

an atmosphere so grim!

In the end I had to leave while I could

as people began to disappear!

I knew what my neighbour was next to me

but would they let me be?


For a long time after I saw bats above my head

was it my neighbour one of the undead?


The Foureyed Poet.

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