The Dark Van!

The dark van sped away in a suspicious manner

joining the busy evening traffic

no markings and an unreadable number plate

went for now unnoticed

an alarm in a small supermarket just blared

those inside cowered scared!


Mayhem left behind blood spattered the counter

the manager unconscious behind

a gang out to cause harm and injury to anyone

while heading to their planned job

this to them was making extra money and fun

not caring their victim had a son!


Inside the van the masked gang were prepared

and unphased by their violence

now waiting outside a bank managers house

with the intention of intimidation

to hold his family while he let them in the bank

but on this night their plan sank!


A suspicious wife was watching the dark van

sensing there was something wrong

contacting her husband and then the police

who came quickly to her aid

these bungling crooks must have been asleep

not a watchful eye did they keep!


Certainly not the organised team they thought

as a link was made with the raid

realising they had been made accelerated away

a high-speed pursuit began

late evening traffic heavy the surface was wet

destiny would soon be met!


Becoming more erratic with every single mile

hitting cars swerving across lanes

being monitored from a pursuing helicopter

then it failed to take a bend

skidding down an embankment and rolled

the ending easily foretold!


Inside the dark van the four were motionless

two had expired in the crash

the others had minor injuries nothing more

it was proved they raided the store

like so many were greedy the raid unplanned

now in the dock they stand!


One of many charges was for the brutal murder

of the young boys father!


The Foureyed Poet.

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