The Busker!

Why would nobody want to listen to his music

the passion that kept him going

from an early age he just wanted to be heard

then his parents could not see

the simple melody’s he wrote were so pure

words people would adore.


Never thinking he was special just wanting

everyone in his passion to share

begged for a guitar for his twelfth birthday

self-taught himself to play

his parents taken aback by such dedication

never-ceasing determination.


Without money to send him to music college

they could only encourage him

and at fifteen made a decision to be a busker

let the public hear the music

finding a spot by the bus station began to play

any nerves soon gone away.


The wonderful music and simple words flowed

and the crowds began to grow

those of all ages enthralled by the young man

on his own playing the guitar

confidently with a joyful style loudly singing

into their ears the sound ringing!


Happy now his songs with people he could share

not for money but unity he did care!


The Foureyed Poet.



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That Defining Moment!

That defining moment at the final flag

in the motor sports

or the last long blow of the whistle

at the end of a ball game

the preparation the long journey made

their focus displayed!


Training to be an athlete on the track

like in every sport

dedication and sacrifice to win a prize

amateurs aim for medals

professionals focused on the money gain

increased wealth to maintain!


Myriad of fans pursue their heroes on this quest

even though they struggle

passion is high in sport each split second counts

or every goal the aim

to reach that peak the best in their sport

perfection is sought!


There are the few greats classed as the elite

who seldom know defeat

we watch with desire and that revered awe

then are honored evermore!


That defining moment that brings us together!


The Foureyed Poet.

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