No Christmas!

The children sat shivering alone in the house

cold and hungry in a squalid home

no Christmas tree or decorations  were here

in their short lives never known

to have warm clothes and much food to eat

it would be a miraculous treat!


Dad came around to hurt and shout at mum

and was always very drunk

but they saw many uncles coming and going

when their mum was there

never gave any cuddle’s nor showed kindness

they never knew happiness!


Alone once more on the eve of Christmas day

left to see it in with nothing

they only had each other no presents for them

rummaging in the dirty kitchen

such a pitiful sight listening to the happy voices

of neighbouring children with choices!


They held hands staring longingly out the window

hoping a kind person would come

to give them compassion some love and food

their mum did not seem to bother

so tired went to their rubbish strewn bedroom

a drunk mum would soon loom!


As children woke to see what Father Christmas

had brought for each of them

These three little ones dreaded yet another day

empty miserable without care

at a time that is supposed to be filled with joy

on the birthday of a holy boy!


The Foureyed Poet

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The Attractive Blond

The attractive blond sat talking

laughter drew my attention.

Not wanting her to notice my stare

as I sat with my coffee.

No disrespect she was attractive

it is best to mention.


I maybe getting old but ordinary

females I do like to see.

Honestly nothing wrong with me

well I don’t think so.

She was just sitting very close by

no I was not trying to spy!


After awhile we looked at each other

as she chatted to a friend.

They got up moving to another table

decided to stay seated.

Asked a staff member if I was her dad

odd I am not that bad.


Well I shall try not embarrass myself again

my dignity I would like to maintain.


The Foureyed Poet.

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Twenty Now

Twenty now no longer a child she brooded

was she ready to share?

Her life with a man she’d known six months

to move in together!

Possibly not until Christmas or the new year

in her mind not yet clear.


By that time realising she’d be twenty-one

still was it right?

Wanted to leave home got on with mum

not the same with dad!

Always been distant and a little afraid

the atmosphere often frayed!


He’d been in the army when she was small

maybe this was why!

Was the youngest of four other siblings

and the last at home.

Her parents said she didn’t have to leave

there was always a reprieve.


That lack of tenderness from her father

magnified her insecurity.

But had to give the relationship a chance

feeling she was in love!

If that moment was allowed to pass her by

she’d always wonder if or why!


The Foureyed Poet.

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