The New Summer

A new summer was here at long last

it was hot and dry.

No more thought of those winter days

that first cycle ride.

Into the shrinking countryside alone

nice to be on your own.


Finding a quiet lane inhaling warm air

remembering your youth.

The population sparse villages small

you stop at a sign.

Leading to a footpath rising to a hill

a challenge to fulfill.


A faint humming boosts your senses

that moment to relax.

Easing the stresses of daily existence

and channelled thoughts.

A day of unknown futures everywhere

no time to prepare!


From that high point a panoramic spectacle

feeling like a god.

Looking down upon his flock from on high

lost and floundering.

With so much discord in his own creation

near to obliteration!


Disturbed by the thought of man’s disintegration

making your way back.

Along the track from tranquility in to uncertainty

and dangers of living.

That short break giving you hope of a solution

to our total pollution!


Love, Respect, Care and Hope is this within us?


The Foureyed Poet.

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